Matthew Wilson

Chicago, Illinois, US

Matthew's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

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About Matthew

I am a self taught programer who has been working as a software engineer for 5 years for companies such as Sears and Hewlett Packard. As a self-taught programer I have a strong desire to help others learn programing.

My Skills include:
Front end development,
Front end design,
Mobile web applications
Server side development,
NoSql development,
Java, Javascript, Python,
Managing/Leading programing teams ,
Agile workflow,

My current start up is Div Labs.

The main goals are as follows

1. Offer inexpensive top notch tech education to as many people as possible.

2. Change the way people think about programing and programmers.

3. After course completeness mentor students to be able to get a job or hire internally.


Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you. - Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

Work Experience

Software engineer


July 2009 - July 2013

• Helped developed, design and implement mobile cart and checkout for m.sears (, m.kmart ( and ( • Was lead engineer for eCoupons ( on m.sears and m.kmart. • Worked on the cart and checkout as team lead and main contributor. • Help build "White Label Cart and Checkout" as a standalone mobile app that can plugin to any app or website. • Worked daily with CSS compilers like SASS and stylus to build easy to edit and beautiful experiences that work across webkit and blink engines. • Used object oriented designs and patterns to build the cart/checkout and coupon experience. • Served as a team member in the design and new technology proof of concept for applications for new technology. • Led code reviews to ensure functional performance specifications are met and engineering standards are followed. • Influenced the discovery and decision-making process when changes to standards and technology were required (tools conventions and design patterns). • Wrote unit and integration tests for each deliverable, effectively and comprehensively exercising the code; prevents the introduction of subsequent bugs, and corrects existing bugs or design issues when discovered. • Demonstrated a track record of consistency for both assigned projects  Ensures product managers, User Experience (UX), engineering, QA and others are assembled to execute the software project  Drives the projects in parallel to ensure software is being developed that meets the customer need.  Drives 4D reviews with the team and key stakeholders / users, with an emphasis on reviewing working code to ensure that code development is on track. • Develop custom generators and grunt tasks • Develop on the fly debugging tools within the application to flag issues and allow for an in-app response to resolve issues.

Full Stack Developer


March 2015 - September 2015

• Helped to lead full stack development for internal Hellion service sales tracking app, • Worked daily with Python, MongoDB, and Angular JS • Build out automated server configurations using Chef and Ruby on a Linux/Red Hat system. . • Develop custom generators and gulp tasks to automate the build and deploy process

Software Engineer


September 2015 - Today

Using java and javascript for building and modifying api's, micro services and backend systems for shoppertraks analytic platforms.


An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

Coursera Verified Certificates

Principles of Computing

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