Maureen Laniak

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Maureen's Skills
Product Management

About Maureen

My name is Maureen and I am what you might call a "Kingdom Entrepreneur" I am looking for a partner who is innovative, and can think outside the box. Having a good business and financial skills is a plus- Also looking for someone with lots of social media skills. I have already started two very successful non-profits. This is my first for-profit venture. I have been working on this business model and its products for several years. I already have a great business plan in place. I am currently in the pilot phase and I have test- marketed the product and it sells well! :) I am entering the beauty industry with not only a fabulous product but also the gospel helping young women understand the truth about beauty and themselves as God's Royal image bearers. This model is all about about faith, work, economics and transformation. I believe strongly that all of our work should make a difference in peoples lives. I invite you to come join me! I am looking for a partner who wants to change the world and people lives- and make money too!