Mauricio Castillo A.

Mexico City, Mexico

Greentrepreneur / Campaigner - Tourism/Other Industry
Mauricio's Skills
Business Development

About Mauricio

Down for a business model that allows us to help people/businesses transition towards a green economy and be thrilled about the road. My main interest is in the tourism industry. Travel/Hospitality has the conditions to create a temporary utopia, unlock the dream of a truly sustainable world, reach a large audience and bring this dream back home to their own realities worldwide.

I have significant experience campaigning with an international NGO and working in startups (social entrepreneurship / green tech). My academic background is in applied sociology (M.A.). Happy to share more info.

┬┐Are you in to discuss ideas and co-build a model? Let's have an online working lunch/drink and see if we click.


Iterate fast. If there's a market for it we'll crack it, if there isn't we'll create it. - ...