Mavrick Barona

Kings County, New York, US

Encrypted transparent Intermediary for the world
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Product Management
Business Development

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About Mavrick

Pivoting from a background in understanding personal health, I've turned my attention to blockchain design for financing and economic systems. Developing DAO private chain transactions to be served through a PaaS.

Self taught programming background in most language oriented toward web applications and machine learning. I have a deep passion for databases, indexing, analytics and statistical analysis. Adept in managing time, design and integrating detailed patterns in heaps of data as a skilled researcher.

My goal is to offer a new relationship to data use and technology as infrastructure through human oriented design. I believe in opportunity and accessibility as central to mobility, and have several projects I'm working toward these goals. I'm always willing to talk to those who share interests and contribution toward similar goals.

Looking for programmers as strong developers to build the MVP and join our company, currently in develop POC.
# Java web applications, Posgresql
# Distributed p2p networking, Hadoop, JSON-LD
# Ethereum, Blockchain, Web3.0 js

Work Experience

Exercise Physiologist

RWJ fitness and wellness

October 2013 - June 2016


Rutgers University - New Brunswick

B.S. Exercise Physiology, specialty in Applied Kinesiology

2009 - 2012

Co-working Space

The Coworking Space - Woodbridge Nj

2016 - Today