Max Avroutski

Los Angeles, California, US

Max's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Max

I need local people in 190+ countries of the world to scale worldwide.

I am a Multidisciplinary Product Creator, Software Developer, UI/UX Designer, Marketer and Software/System Architect. In year 2000 I successfully sold my Internet company that I started in the 1990's. While I can do PHP programming, DB system design, Linux administration and design high performance distributed systems, I prefer to mostly design systems and functions and manage development while my team does low level coding following my directions. This usually allows me to concentrating more on Business Development and Marketing which is unbeknown to most is actually integral part of what makes any software development project a success.

I need your help to brake into global $8.6 Trillion market of logistics (transporting goods to customers). (Source

My competitors/customers in US are UPS, FedEx & US Postal Service.

I need several Programmers, few Go Getting Business people and everyone else in between. I am putting together a team, so sooner you join the more equity you earn.

If you have no experience or not enough experience how about you apply to be our Intern.

Programmers with following skills are needed: PHP, MySQL/MariaDB/MongoDB, Android, iOS, API creation, Map APIs, UPS-FedEx-USPS tracking APIs, writing plugins for open source shopping carts.

Business people with following skills are needed: Self starter, not afraid to fail & not afraid to succeed, good salesmanship skills, experience in shipping companies is a plus.

You can work with us with as little as 8 hours a week and earn equity.

There is a large under-served niche that will allow us to brake into this market.

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College of Telecommunications

Computer Science

1988 - 1991




Founder Institute