max gallardo

Saint Petersburg, Florida, US

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November 2017 - December 2016

Racelink RaceLink, LLC will be social intranet platform and ecosystem targeted for use by content creators who are interested in profiting from their creations through businesses advertising on their pages. Our business model is to allow users to create a user page that will act as a main hub where they can stream live, upload songs, pictures, videos, audio, just about anything one can create and share on Internet. Our new GUI allows businesses to sponsor in the physical and digital world alike, adapting businesses opportunities to a new world of digital views and advertising and giving a new found chance to people trying to be funded to make their dreams come true through new tracked data from online views and sales that can work in tandem with physical world ad campaigns and sales. Content producers will produce content that will bring views and in turn, companies attention. Companies will strike deals with content producers based on their worth, which given popularity and views could range from $100 advertising spots to $10 Mil sponsorship deals for popular celebrities. Users will create content, this content will then be shared by them and third parties. When third parties produce income from shared content from 3rd parties, it’ll automatically cut and pay the owners of said content thus, multiplying earnings for content producers and encouraging the sharing of 3rd party content, as opposed to current platform states and copyright issues. RaceLink taking a commission on a percentage of these sales. This is my first startup. I've started 2 other businesses before. 1 in the gaming industry 1 in the IT industry.


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2005 - 2007