Max Graham

Toronto, Canada

Max's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Max

I have an engineering and project management background, but quickly got swept into the entrepreneur world after founding a health care startup with several friends back in 2011. That company, Jintronix ( was accepted in the first ever Microsoft Accelerator program, sponsored by Tech Stars, in Seattle, Washington. After successfully completing the program, Jintronix was able to raise a seed round of investment, and still operates today, providing virtual solutions to physical therapy patients. At Jintronix I was Director of Business Development, where I worked on developing business partnerships for large scale studies, creating a clinical advisory board for guiding our product development, managed customer support and feedback gathering for the purpose of agile software development, and more. After a few years at Jintronix, I decided I needed to get back to my engineering/tinkering roots, and began working on several personal projects before deciding to go forward with the RedE Tech.

While I am technically capable, my engineering education was not in software, and I had to brush up on my coding to get some rough prototypes off the ground. Going forward, I would love to speak with people passionate about building / coding connected devices for the growing Internet of Things. My main focus right now is on creating engaging, useful household appliances, and I strongly believe that a strong software platform will be essential.