Max K

Los Angeles, California, US

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I've created a recipe for a food product. No big deal, right? Well despite posting the recipe online, people are demanding that I create the product and sell it to them. I've already turned down three people who want to be paying customers and there's a pretty big community online that's asking me for it. I feel terrible leaving money on the table like this, so I've decided to bring the product to market. Problem is, I need an "operations" guy or gal who can take care of the paperwork, making the phone calls, and generally handle the business side of putting together a business.

Some more details about the product: A month's supply retails for $250 - $400 and I'm currently able to produce the product from store-bought retail items for under $130. With a wholesale license and the right sourcing I could get that down to well under $100, leaving a very healthy margin for us. I'm looking for someone (ideally with experience in the food industry or CPG) to head the Operations efforts and help me take this product from my kitchen to consumers. I believe this could be taken from my kitchen to consumers in less than sixty days and there's a strong community of interest already.

In my day job I build websites, so I can put together an online store in a few days. I was also a marketing executive formerly, so I can handle that aspect of the business as well. Now I just need somebody who can take care of the rest. Have you got the ability to make this happen?