Max Katz

Sparks, Nevada, US

Experienced CTO
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Web Application Development
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About Max

I'm a very senior-level developer with some 20 years of experience. Nowadays I am a professional with the title CTO, and I'm always interested in talking about new business opportunities. As a developer, my client list includes AOL, MySpace, Disney, Google, IBM, Intel, Walgreens, Dreamworks, Yellowpages Canada and DirecTV, among others. I specialize in web development and I am not a designer. I have further experience as a marketing executive and have consulted to businesses in a wide variety of industries. I can build, market and scale a world-class site alone.

If you would like me to consider joining your startup, my interest is piqued by manufacturing, retail, B2B, SaaS, and subscription-based revenue models. I also have a lot of experience in the lead-gen space. I am not interested in social networks or ad-driven revenue models.

Recently I've been working on building websites for services and productized services. If that describes your business and you want someone who can get you to launch fast, hit me up.

No I will not sign an NDA.

When you contact me please explain to me what it is you're interested in working on. Telling me you need a developer without explaining your business lets me know that you're afraid to sell.

Always working on a couple projects of my own:

== Marketing: PPC Expert
Presently looking for someone with advanced (10+ years) PPC management experience to split equity in a ready-made PPC agency business. The opportunity involves a lot of sweat equity, so please don't contact me unless you've got the time and you're ready to get your hands dirty.

== Sales: B2B Tech Sales Executive
If you have experience in enterprise B2B sales or sales of software development services my business - - is looking for someone who can build-out a sales department. It's a unique business that finances web development, so our sales are typically in the 5 - 7 figures range, with commissions to match.

Please check out my LinkedIn on the right sidebar under "Social Profiles" for more background. I no longer live in Hollywood but I'm open to collaborating remotely on endeavors based anywhere. I'm also open to investing small sums in the right businesses.

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