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Max L

Business Developer

Valencia, California, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Max

I am a product developer with over 10 years of successful development of consumer products in the fashion and mobile accessories industry. My partners and I (currently a 3 man team) are passionate idea generating industry innovators that have already used our own funds, time and resources to achieve the below milestones/goals on our mobile fashion platform that is currently in development:

***Reached Milestones/Goals***

- Completed Professional Business Plan
- Pitch Deck
- Completed Project Estimation plan
- App Concept Mocks
- Navigation Flow
- Completed Wireframes for the Application
- Website for application
- Database & backend webservices and Admin section
- User registration & style stream modules
- Showcase modules within the app
- Developed First Prototype Beta Version of the mobile application

We are currently at a technical impasse were we are now looking for someone or a team to join us that can provide programming and development skill sets to help us reach the below attainable milestones:


- Complete all remaining items and functions within the app
- Polished Final Version of Application

Managing People
Product Management