Max Larson

Tampa, Florida, US

Software developer focused on finding success.
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About Max

I am a senior full stack software developer turned business owner and entrepreneur. After years of developing software applications in corporate environments, I decided to break away from the conventional and embrace the challenge of starting a software consulting business. Now instead of approaching a problem with software developer tunnel vision, I can apply my unique skillset in UI/UX design, digital marketing, content writing, product development, and project management, in addition to my expertise in the Microsoft technology stack.

During my career as a software developer I have built a wide range of websites from small business sites, to e-commerce marketplaces, as well as highly sophisticated web applications for industries and sectors in finance, education, telecommunications, local municipality, health and wellness, retail trade, warehousing, real estate, and non-profit. As mobile apps have boomed in recent years I have also began developing cross-platform native and hybrid mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows with Xamarin and ionic frameworks. My core software development specialties are in C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC/Webforms, AngularJS, Web API, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and SQL Server. Most recently I have been developing front-end intensive data driven web applications with AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC, and Windows Azure.

The primary focus of Zeni Software, has been to provide clients with software and database services for custom line of business applications on web and mobile. Gaining experience as a small business owner alongside developing software has given me a fresh new perspective on the IT industry. With my combination of technology skills and enthusiasm for building software solutions, I can play a key role in the development and support of any software project.