Max Middleweek

Melbourne, Australia

Looking for a co-founder based in Melbourne
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Online Content Creation
Creative Content Creation
Product Photography
Design Conceptualization
Problem Solving
Business Planning
User Experience
Product Management

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About Max Middleweek

I started my career in corporate, hated it, left and cut my teeth in entrepreneurship running an eCommerce business as a side hustle. From London, live in Melbourne. Love travel, love coffee, pragmatic and enthusiastic - a typical, easy going ENTP personality

From the learnings (failure, it's okay to fail) of my first business I learnt to a) identify a real (no kidding) problem to solve and b) the problem must be massive and bad-ass enough to be worth solving c) it's a marathon, and to succeed you need to 100% believe in yourself, product and service. More importantly, a co-founding team of two is x10 more effective than a team of one and my aim is (together with a co-founding team of 2-3) build something big, impactful and game-changing (ie $3-5m+ revenue within 3-4 years).

I'm seeking a co-founder where we can really complement each other, bounce ideas, challenge and work stuff out, has a really keen eye for detail, process and structure (where we will cover both our blind spots) - but mainly that we get on well and click.

Right now (November 2017) I'm gearing up for my much bigger venture in sustainability, coffee waste and energy. It's a simple idea and one that has been executed very well in the UK but (as we are a little behind in oz) the market niche is wide open here. If you have a passion for energy, sustainability, innovation, technology please get in touch and we can chat.

Next steps.. currently self-funding an MVP and looking to join a Melbourne (or Sydney) based startup accelerator in the next 3-6 months (Feb-May 2018) and then raise further money on kick starter if required - in any case if this sounds like a great fit then give me a buzz.

Cheers! Max


Life expands or shrinks in proportion to one's courage - Anais Nin

Work Experience

CEO & Founder

Happy Scrub

November 2016 - Today

Selling coffee skin care products on my website. Was a great way to cut my teeth in my first entrepreneurial venture and learnt a lot. Identified a niche, developed a product and took it to market, scaled using digital marketing and social media (Instagram). Main takeaways: you have to build something you are truly passionate about (I know I know this is a cliche but it's true) you have to care deeply about the customer, fall in love with the problem and hustle like your life depends on it.

Strategy and Planning

Transport for London

September 2013 - July 2016


University College London

Chemistry BSc + MSc (Hons)

2009 - 2013


PGcert Transport Planning & Management

2015 - 2016


Uprising Program - Social Action Campaign - London - 1st place. Market platform distributing suits to disadvantaged young adults in inner London


Hackoffeethon - Melbourne - 1st place. Proposal of a blockchain cryptocurrency solution reducing the cost of remittance significantly


Co-working Space

2 Space Melbourne

2017 - Today