Max Reason

Kihei, Hawaii, US

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Max

We are a small team of independent scientists, engineers, inventors, product developers and contributors. Combined we have decades of experience developing products and technologies. Now and then we've performed specific-purpose contracts for NASA, observatories and similar (mostly astronomy, telescopes, optics, space sciences, satellites, related fields).

Years ago, through his own research and thinking, one of our group came to thoroughly understand human consciousness. As someone who thoroughly understood and had developed computer systems, scientific and technical software, sensor systems and robotics, he soon realized he could implement [smarter-than] human consciousness with conventional sensors, computer, software, content and robotics. Soon he developed an efficient architecture to implement "ICE" (our acronym and trademark for "inorganic conscious entity"). A limited proof of principle implementation in 1998 was vastly slower than human consciousness, especially one specific subsystem (vision/perception). Since then the architecture has been improved and new techniques invented to speed execution. Plus, we identified key processes we can implement in hardware to make 100,000+ faster than software implementations. Plus, current CPUs/GPUs are 8+/4096+ core and much faster.

We are looking for expert, dedicated C programmers (linux), electronics hardware developers, plus help creating 1+ video presentations. We also need to create a firefox extension in javascript to implement an important development tool. We do not need people experienced in the fields of "AI" or "AGI", because existing approaches are not viable (at best), while ours is elegant and works. However, we welcome any smart, dedicated, energetic [young] scientist, engineer or programmer with strong personal interest in inorganic consciousness, eager to help implement [smarter-than] human inorganic consciousness.

We have one large obstacle, which you must understand and deeply agree with our "solution". We cannot accept investment from any government or [large/medium] corporation, because they would definitely advance smart weapons and police-state tyranny with our technologies. The potential of this technology is vastly too powerful to risk application to malevolent purposes. We are a small group of scientist, engineers and contributors who fund this project with our own time, effort, materials, resources and contributions. However, at least two of our subsystems that do not reveal too much of the fundamental consciousness technology can become extraordinary spin-off products, so we plan to release 2+ products in the next year or two to dramatically increase our self-funding.

We prefer to find additional super talented, productive software and hardware developers who can afford to dedicate themselves to this project. We are also open to non-government/corporate investment given clear, express understanding that these spin-off products can be developed by a spin-off company, but the underlying technology cannot ever be revealed to (or owned or controlled by) any fictitious entity. The core science and technology must be and will be kept inside our core group of developers at least until we abandon this planet and free ourselves from the dangers of human predators and power/control freaks.