Maximus Mars

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Maximus's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Maximus

This is my first time at a co-founders lab matchup. I have lots of smaller business/app/site ideas and a few big ones, and then THE big one. THE big one I am not ready for yet, but the others, I'm game.

I went to school for Finance at NYU, minored in Creative Writing. I had a quasi-start up experience in school that failed (but I learned a lot). I am a well-rounded person with lots of different interests, which helps me come up with ideas. I've been learning Python the last couple of years in my off time, and am really learning SQLAlchemy, or Python for SQL. I also have learned some SQL in general.

My aim for an initial start-up here would basically be as a stepping stone for capital for my BIG business idea. So acquisition is the goal. But I'm open to other possibilities as well.