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Los Angeles, California, US



I have an early-stage female-centric app startup for which I am about to launch the web prototype later this month for market testing. However, it's already getting some serious attention from investors and accelerators. So I need an app developer as a founding member ASAP (preferably a woman, but I am fine either way).

If you do become a member on my team/cofounder, there is a pretty good chance you may be asked to go to a prestigious, but rigorous accelerator program in Berlin with me later this year. It will last for 100 days. If I or both of us go there, we will have access to the initial funding of 25,000 euros to help us work on the app full time during that time.


Grant yourself the luxury of doing what matters to you. - Me.


Founder, looking for an app developer.

Work Experience

Associate Project Manager, Localization


January 2016 - January 0


Pepperdine University


2006 - 2008