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I am the founder of Bungee Girl, a female only travel app. I have no tech background (my background is in finance and accounting) so I've used the company Gigster to get a freelance developer to create a minimal viable product for me. The purpose of the app is to connect solo female travelers that have an equal interest in visiting each other's city. (I.e. if I am from NYC and want to travel alone to London, I would get connected with Londoner looking to come alone to NYC) its a mutually beneficial connection that allows women to help each other out and enhance their trip experience. The idea is to empower and encourage women to travel more often preferably alone given the ability to connect with like-minded women who are just them, with similar travel interests and have the knowledge the other needs to have a successful trip. It's at a very basic right now just allows messaging and it started out in a few cities with new cities being added in the future based on demand. I have ideas for where I want to take the app next but I would prefer working with a woman (millennial woman) like me who gets the concept because we understand the experiences of young female travelers. I would also prefer a co-founder rather that pay a freelancer. Please let me know if you're interested. Here are some links below. I'm tech illerate but I think it's crucial to mention the app was built in Native. You can reach me Thanks so much!!

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