Mayank Chowla

Princeton, New Jersey, US

Mayank's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Mayank

I have lived around the world, and have gotten together a group of friends to start a company. Together, we have developed quite a few ideas/ventures, ranging from a record label & fashion label (currently being developed) to mobile apps and even a social network. I am looking for a programmer for the social network who would be joining as a partner. Currently, there are two founders, myself & one fo my friends. We will be managing the finance & sales portion of the business, as well as marketing. We are also looking for a UI designer. Of course, our team is relatively young, and we would like to keep it this way. We are looking for founders younger than 25, and it would be preferable if you are a college student. We are also interested in helping others start their own startups, although, at this point, that is more of a secondary goal for us. We have done an analysis of the social networking industry, and we believe that we truly have a unique idea here. The number of connections you have does not matter to us. Also, any cofounders who will be joining will also be able to help tweak the idea. After all, we are all partners here. We are based primarily out of New York City, Philadelphia, and Portland. However, we shall also be expanding to other cities, such as Chicago within the next 6 months. I can be contacted at:
Twitter: @MayankChowla
If you are interested in joining, I would truly enjoy meeting you so we can discuss what we have in store.