Mayank Pahwa, BDS, DMD, GPR Cert, FICOI

Gurugram, India

Founder | Building sleep industry | New York Medical College,BU alum
Mayank's Skills
Product Development
User Experience
Business Development

About Mayank

I have a high creative/design quotient with good understanding of science and technology. I have lived and matured in some of the best cities in terms of academic, professional and intellectual excellence. This has allowed me to imbibe good professional and social values. I'm a battle hardened proverbial soldier accustomed to working under high levels of warranted stress and decently equipped with strategies to mitigate unwarranted stress. I have worked in corporate healthcare and nonprofit organizations. I'm inquisitive and rational by nature, and a proponent of equal rights. I have spent a year learning, prototyping a patent pending consumer product, its validity, value proposition and market. I'm building a great founding team and looking for powerhouse co-founders to provide an operational backbone (1) and marketing & PR support (1) as the business gears up towards a launch in coming weeks.

Always up for a cup of coffee, even if our interests don't align... Looking to at least make a valuable human connection.


I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Confucius