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I am a former management consultant gone online activewear entrepreneur. The business got started via bootstrapping and a successful Kickstarter with a single product.

I'm looking for a partner to play an integral role in scaling the business from a small, niche base of fans. The existing base was generated despite not much marketing and significant periods of inactivity this past year, due to personal circumstances that required I live bi-coastally. I believe in the brand that's evolving and the product. I think what's been missing is a dedicated, critical mass of manpower, including more technical/web development expertise, more sales/PR coverage

I am now full-time in LA and my aspirations for the company are for it to become the online destination for high-end,innovative dance-inspired activewear and community. I spent the past year developing relationships with studios and fitness and dance community members. I need a partner to divide and conquer so I tackle low-hanging marketing fruit, nurture and harvest relationships, and create product placement to drive more cache and traffic to the business. I would would love to have someone to strategize day-to-day with and jointly iterate on the business model.

I think there could be a couple of different right fits:

a) Technical problem solver and doer: At core, you have web development skills or knowledge such that you can drive web development and quick deployment site- and online-based elements of marketing programs. But someone whose is also comfortable tackling issues we may have on other technical platforms or venues, like production.

b) Apparel Development and Manufacturing Expert: Right now supply chain takes up 50% of my mindshare, which means there's at most 50% for marketing which isn't enough! So you're also a fit is you have passion and experience in driving style development through to completion.

I have maintained the bootstrapped route thus far, but taking investment is something I would be open to depending upon the partner, the growth model we agree and what's required, and the strength of the story we can tell together..

So maybe you've worked corporate and are dying to something entrepreneurial but don't want to start from scratch and want to feel real ownership...Our maybe you've been with start-ups but have a strong interest in activewear or boutique fitness. Or maybe you're talented apparel designer / developer who wants a partner.

Feel free to e-mail me to set up a chat. I'd love to learn more.



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