Boston, Massachusetts, US

MD's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About MD

I am excited by working with a close-knit team to address challenging problems with software. The challenge is often deeper than the technical constraints. Identifying the needs of a business now vs in the future, understanding the problem domain, and applying domain insights to cleverly model the problem at-hand interest me. I am fortunate to have worked in several roles where I am able to wear these different hats, in addition to being responsible for writing software.

My technical skill set predominantly focuses on backend development. I make a conscious effort to remain open-minded and to continue learning new approaches, paradigms, and languages for personal enjoyment and in order to improve my team's effectivness. I value working with others that question why things are done a certain way and seek out new approaches to the challenges faced.

My start-up experiences instilled upon me an appreciation for balancing planning and executing. I am looking for like-minded individuals that also focus on identifying actionable steps over large design up-front. Working with someone who is passionate about an idea that meets a demonstrable need interests me. I want to use my skills to help solve real problems.