meg perine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

meg's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About meg

My company Logical Hue is in its early stages. I make ceramics and have recently begun to focus on ceramic jewelry as my main commercial product. I worked for a small but successful local jewelry studio for 4 years.

I was recently successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign which you can see here:

Logical Hue is my full time job and I am fully committed to creating a successful and sustainable business. I am skilled in the artistic aspects of things: making, photography, graphic design, etc. Marketing and business strategy, however, do not come to me easily so these tasks end up being more time-consuming than they ought to be.

I don't believe that a business partner and I would need to be like-minded in all things but there are a few core values that we should share.
- Basic environmental concern and knowing the meaning of the word "wasteful".
- Dealing with suppliers and retailers that adhere to fair trade and fair labor practices.
- Salability is of course important, but should not be prioritized over quality and integrity of the products.
- Belief that money is a means to an end rather than the goal itself.