Megan Waters

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Megan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Megan

I recently left my successful sales and marketing position to develop an idea for the gifting and ecommerce space that I am extremely excited about. I worked for 3 years at a previous startup and have always wanted to join or start another startup in my career.

A promising idea for an ecommerce mobile app bubbled up 9 months ago and, after months of market analysis and competitive research, this summer I decided to take the plunge. I have business development and marketing experience and am looking for an equally motivated tech teammate to join/co-found the mobile app.

The mobile app has been prototyped and I am currently working with contractors to build it out. But working with contractors only gets you so far; what the company really needs is an enthusiastic, motivated, and experienced developer (either front end or back end, but with working knowledge of the other) to work with me to continue to drive the development of the app, contribute ideas and work hard to launch this idea into the marketplace.