Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mehrad's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Mehrad

I believe everything can be done better and improved. We only stop improving because we begin to accept the status quo as 'alright' or 'acceptable', but if we only strived for more, we can achieve better, in all aspects of our lives, society and business.

Have an idea? I want to work with you to make it better, but being honest only if our visions align and we get along.

I do this for a living & fun... building new products/businesses excites me and is something I'm truly passionate about.

I'm a previous winner of Startup Weekend Dubai and numerous other hackathons - I'm just bustling with ideas and looking for like minded people who want to change the world through great ideas. Or if you have an idea, I'll do my thing and break it down into how it can be improved and refine a business model that investors and users will love.

Passionate about great UX, have brand design experience.