mel nickel

Toronto, Canada

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Business Development
Product Management

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i have started a e-commerce website selling consumer electronics products , and finding it allot more challenging than i expected. website is, and 3 amazon websites . Amazon is seeing sales last 3 months of 5-6 k a month. though profits are growing, my expenses have also grown in proportion I am looking for marketing assistance with the websites, amazon sites, abilities to setup social media avenues to assist in increasing traffic large. There are many tasks to do, to share decision making of forward path. It is a incorporated company in Las Vegas .Cash investment in way of developers sweat equity, is fine as that is a big part of my monthly costs to have someone else do that . A partner with that expertise and the connections i have made in sourcing products and getting them onto marketplaces would be a dynamic and powerful team ! I have 10,000 +products on 3 amazon stores low price on numerous products. My model is drop shipping and do not stock products currently . I have had other non related businesses, and have done sales in a b2b area and b2c area as well . Would be interested to speak further to interested parties about future business endeavor .




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