Muhammad Shaheer , Intern

Melbourne, Australia

Muhammad is looking for an internship

About Muhammad

Can commit to working

20 hours per week

Dates available

From 11/30/-0001 to 11/30/-0001


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

Im a mechanical engineering with knowledge in general physics and maths. I have some depth of knowledge in aerospace, electronics, fluid mechanics etc.

I have done some projects in my free time but nothing too fancy, most of them have been little DIY things.

I'm a hard working person and I have the ability to learn quicker than a lot of people.


About Muhammad

I think traditional engineering market is dominated by big giants like GE and Boeing etc for far too long. There is a lot of room of innovation and product development in tradition engineering market. I am looking for an opportunity to tap that market with like minded people.


University of Sheffield

Mechanical Engineering

- 2013