Melinda Dinh

Malmö, Sweden

Melinda's Skills
Product Management

About Melinda

Having started to earn my own money from a very young age, I learned how to survive the hard way. Having acquired two bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Business, I have an allround knowledge that is necessary for a startup. When I was still a student studying Computer Science, I helped my family set up a family business in beauty and spa. At that time, I had very little knowledge about the entrepreneurial world. I learned how to set up a company in Sweden, I learned how to code a website and I managed the relations with supplier and customers. After reading up on a few things, my interest in startups and entrepreneurship became bigger, and I want to try my hands at my very own startup.

I am looking for a person that is easy to communicate with and passionate in what they do. I have very high patience, and easy to be around as I am very calm and steady. I would, in the near future like to travel to Silicon Valley and join YCombinators incubation program. My aspiration is to reach a global market, change the culture in Europe and by introducing them to the new generation of Internet Services.

If you too are willing to move away from your comfort zone in Sweden, work with in an interesting startup that strives to help people, and have the adventure of your life, contact me!