melissa sachs

Los Angeles, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Hello there! I have a newly formed startup, Supervisely, in the training/healthcare sector. (I am starting Supervisely out to be niche, to the psych field, and then will expand) Supervisely is a matchmaking service between graduates looking to become therapists and existing therapists (supervisors)/ jobs providing supervision.
Currently it is very difficult for aspiring therapists to get hours to become licensed-- jobs do not breakdown the supervision they give in typical job postings and many need extra supervision. Existing therapists also love the idea of supplementing their income by providing supervision. Supervisely will streamline help streamline this process.
I am going through the validation process (using the lean startup technique) and am getting good feedback. I am looking for a co-founder who comes from a technical background to supplement my experience. Looking forward to hearing from you!