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I have devised a business plan for startup non-profit, Upcyclia. Taking the current model of brick and mortar store that houses creative reuse supplies, see list here and uses a website/smartphone app platform combining the elements of and fribi to form a virtual eco-economy where users submit items they no longer need to the community for a point system determined by the giver but encouraged to use standard $1 in real value to 1 point. This system will encourage people to earn more points by saving those creative reuse supplies at home until they drop off in person at our mobile store run out of a re-purposed propane powered bus.

There is a community of over 1200 members online ready to start beta-testing the application. I'd like to give people initial points for answering questions about sustainability. Once we have verified that the user experience is optimal and obtain an adequate user base we can receive endorsements from local eco-friendly business to offer to our members. The most lucrative offers will likely be from solar panel companies and companies that improve energy efficiency of homes and businesses.

The entire intent of this business is to provide a desire to live more sustainably and we have the fun interactiveness of seeing first hand on the bus what can be made with creativity from items otherwise destined for the landfill or recycle bins. We will use our excess profits beyond cost of running the business to bring classes on upcycling (i.e. creative reuse) and give to those efforts that make a more sustainable society.

More than anything I need someone who is able to build a website where members can login create a profile upload pictures of their items with point value and a system to keep track of transactions. Every member should have a continuous point saving tally so we can express that every dollar they saved through member trades is 1 for them and 2 for the planet as there was no need for material extraction and the pollution that goes along with that.