Melvin Jose

Dallas, Texas, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Melvin

I have a natural bent to remain an underdog...make the loosing team win rather than join the winning team!

Exploring possibilities, ideating and helping achieve better results in the exact opposite of conventional ways are really my things! In fact the Crowd-sourced Social Marketplace that i'm currently working on is almost the exact opposite of conventional models employed by Groupon or Amazon! Our prototype explainer video is accessible here-

Our positioning videos

Prior to launching beta and raising our seed round, we plan to validate our model by simulating it on this FB page. Please register, share, like and stay tuned!

Recently graduated from an international MBA program at IE Business School (Madrid), i just got a lot more like me! During my Venture Lab program at IE, built a B2B application that facilitated real world situational (Location and time) advertisement and sold off the concept (hardware + software) to DOOH agency in Spain. The concept is now live in NY in the form of

I'm keen on teaming up with a cofounder who shares the same bent as mine with experience in the eComm, consumer internet and social marketing spaces (especially in Dallas, TX)

Happy to meet, talk and work together!


IE Business School, Spain

International MBA

2014 - 2014


Venture Lab