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About Memom

I am an early stage entrepreneur running Memom, a business to provide an innovative photo arrangement service. I look for a co-founder who has a passion to develop a great product together.

I am passionate about being an entrepreneur foremost as I would like to create and manage a business which provides a great impact to the society. With 10+ years working experience primarily in finance area including KPMG financial advisory, I have balanced views on managing an overall business and leading people. I would like to work with a co-founder who is likewise passionate about creating a great product with me by leading either technical side or product development side of the business.

Memom has launched the very first test phase. Needs from targeted customer segments have been validated from user interviews and customer interactions from the test phase. Memom is aiming to reach out to users worldwide.

I earned MBA from INSEAD and graduated from Founder Institute program (Singapore chapter).