Meredith Munger Stowers

San Diego, California, US

CinCHouse & Operation Homefront Founder, ex-DC PR & Marketing Strategist, Fortune 500 SM
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Turning Ideas Into Reality
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Ideas Development
Leadership + Management
User Experience Strategy
Sales & Marketing Leadership
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Founded 2+ startups

About Meredith

Meredith Munger Stowers (formerly Leyva) is a marketing consultant who helps clients engage target audiences in ways that directly achieve business goals. Stowers currently handles marketing and business development at loanDepot- San Diego. She recently wrapped up her nationally syndicated column, "The Marketing Coach" in the Business Journals.

Previously, Stowers served as Chief Operating Officer for Voices Heard Media, the leading social media applications and consulting company serving clients including Disney and Scripts Networks. Before that, Stowers served as a consultant to after that company acquired her online community and magazine,, where she was CEO and editor. She is the author of "Married to the Military: A Survival Guide for Military Wives, Girlfriends and Women in Uniform" (Simon & Schuster, July 2003 and 2008). Her editorials and news articles have been syndicated to over 140 military base newspapers worldwide, and she has been a contributor to Army Times Newspapers, the USO's "On Patrol" magazine, and other military publications. Meredith regularly represented in the national press, including feature stories on CNN, Fox and NPR. Her work with CinCHouse has also been featured in such publications as USA Today, the Washington Times and Joint Forces Quarterly.

As part of her work on, Meredith founded Operation Homefront which is now the fifth largest charity serving military families.

Previously Meredith worked as a public relations consultant and lobbyist for a variety of companies including, Boeing, Eli Lily, Motorola and Iridium. Meredith also served as director of Public Relations for the American Enterprise Institute and legislative assistant to Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ). She served on the National Advisory Board of the Independent Women’s Forum which published her 2001 book on Social Security reform entitled "Women and Retirement Security."

WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR? I have 2 start-up ideas, but I'm interested in co-founding or advising projects as well. Myprojectsrequire advanced web development and mobile skills, including possible integration into Salesforce. I have experience in growing, selling and marketing multi-million start-ups, and I would love to partner on my next venture!


You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. - Zig Ziglar


UC Santa Barbara


1989 - 1992


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