Mfontoh Blaise Shu

Douala, Cameroon

Founder and CEO, ThinkFast BC
Mfontoh Blaise's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
User Experience

About Mfontoh Blaise

Blaise is a two time start up failure. Without giving up, he moved to becoming a business specialist with experience in getting businesses up and running especially in the finance, IT, media and agricultural sector.With experiences from working with world bank community based projects (Projet D'investissement et de Developpement Des Marches Agricole) in rural areas and experiencing first hand knowledge on the needs of rural communities in a typical African Milieu through vast works in setting up micro-finances for financial inclusion and empowerment, he has been able to fine tune skill and meet the need of impact in a rapidly changing financial, agricultural and business ecosystem. He greatly believed in the next generation of Africa to be a tech inclined one in all spheres of influence thus he joined the founding team of Skylabase in its early stages to enable African inculcation of the new era. He later moved to found his very first successful company called THINKFAST BC. He is a lover of technology though not a techie himself with a profound fondness for all things SQL.He has also been very instrumental in the media sector while working with media companies of the likes of Empire Media Group. He loves socializing and being fun when he is not doing all things business. Blaise is result oriented and loves evolving in every sphere of life because he strongly believes revolutions never move backwards.He is also a philanthropist given his massive stationing in philanthropic ventures and organs around Cameroon and beyond such as WVED and RHF.


Thinking is an inert energy of man that must be directed to the fast lane. Act Smart! Think Fast! - Mfontoh Blaise A.S