Emeryville, California, US

CEO @ Brainmate, multi-disciplinary engineer and hacker
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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Michael

Current stage = team building and market testing, hardware prototype partly completed (but not the priority)

Previously a hardware and software engineer and founder on the east coast, I am now launching a data-powered online service and wearable product to help individuals and communities manage mental health.

I studied electrical/computer engineering, entrepreneurship, math, and applied stat. I came to the west coast because of entrepreneurial opportunity and because I ethically disagree with the approach of the defense industry.

I came from very little and am extremely grateful for what I have - I don't feel entitled to my lot in life but rather that I have it on credit and am charged with paying it forward. I want to create positive change in the world and sought to with my previous medical startup. I spent a while testing the waters with different ventures before settling on this one as a promising venture that can create a measurable positive impact.

Friends call me funny but intense - I laugh a lot but also listen very carefully. I am to the point but empathetic. I am (usually) a precise and careful communicator, and demand honesty from myself and the people I work with.

My first priorities with a cofounder are trustworthiness, alignment with the vision, and diversity. I am absolutely committed to diversity in the founding team because I know that, like any true company value, it can only start at the top.

Work Experience

CEO, Founder

DiMER Health

April 2014 - November 2015

I prototyped and raised some seed funding for a platform that enabled mobile communication and data fusion with a wide class of personal medical devices.

Software Engineer

Visionist, Inc.

August 2013 - April 2014

I built intelligence analysis tools.

Engineering Trainee


August 2010 - August 2011

I rapidly designed, built and tested a wide range of wireless and consumer electronics devices.

Engineer and Product Designer


October 2010 - November 2015

I designed, built, and tested mostly product prototypes, including mechanical, electrical, software, UX, and visual design. I also defined requirements, prepared patent documentation, designed manufacturing processes and evaluated markets and costs.


University of Maryland College Park

B.S. Electrical Engineering, minor in Technology Entrepreneurship

2008 - 2013


445 Hour Data Science Program Completion



Hinman CEOs

Co-working Space

Ace Monster Toys

2017 - Today