Michael Adamson

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Michael's Skills
Product Management

About Michael

I am launching a mobile educational product designed to improve math skills for student athletes - particularly in collegiate athletics. I am a seasoned digital media executive who has spent over a two dozen years in media, technology, and sports, creating and launching digital products and services for some of sports biggest brands and events, including NCAA March Madness, NASCAR, the PGA Championship, the Ryder Cup, the PGA Tour, and the NBA’s Live Digital Products and Apps.

My goal is to build a product in relationship with major sports organizations and colleges that energizes students to learn math.

I am looking for a technical co-founder who can create content-oriented products within a mobile experience, is a sports fan, and is intrigued by the opportunity to solve the problem of lackluster educational products and content. I believe educational tools can, and should, be more engaging and even entertaining without having to be cute games or instructional videos.