Michael Ambrose

Newport Beach, California, US

Founder and CEO of TextTrade (Looking for technical co-founder)
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Thank you for taking a moment to check out my profile. I'm currently looking for a technical co-founder to work with me on the development of a mobile application that could possibly disrupt a massive industry, and help solve a problem that exists across the nation. Whether you're a suitable candidate for this role or not, I'm sure you'll find this read interesting. I was introduced to a lifestyle of theft and organized crime at the age of 11, which later led me to drop out of high school and pursue bigger scandals as a career criminal. I have nearly a dozen felonies, and have spent time at 5 different correctional facilities, including state prison. Through a long series of dramatic events, I was able to turn my life around, which has given me a platform to share my story at high schools, colleges, churches, & conference events, and become an influence in the community, while working with social causes such as human trafficking, sexual assault, and sustainability. I decided to start going back to school in 2013, where I later discovered my passion in working with startups. The past few years I've been dedicated to my academics, pursuing my BS in Business Management. During that time I became a major part of student government, and served as a council member for the Fiscal Affairs Committee, managing the student budget and allocating $1.4 million to different student services. I also founded the Business & Entrepreneur Club on campus, which is now the largest student ran organization, teaching students how to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. About a year ago I realized that one of my ideas had amazing potential to fill a need that exists at every college across the nation, and empower students throughout their educational journey. Most of my attention is now devoted to this project and making "TextTrade" into a viable product. I have pitched the idea and have won a few small startup competitions, one of which recently got featured in the L.A. Times. I’m pretty far along in the research and development, and now I need someone to help build the product before approaching investors.

If you are experienced in app development and are interested in possibly teaming up, I'd be happy to share more!


"Your past does not dictate your potential." - Michael Ambrose

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