Michael B

New York, New York, US

Michael B's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Michael B

I love science. A lot. I'm a Ph.D. candidate with over 8 years of biomedical research experience studying stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. I'm a trained science communicator, and I believe empathy is our most powerful tool to turn the complex into the exciting and understandable. My goal is to forge new frontiers in how the public connects with late-breaking science research.

To that end, I developed Biocanvas, an online science outreach platform with over 180,000 organically grown users shown to experience a 90% resurgence in science interest. But I'm looking to expand into science outreach in a new and exciting way.

I come equipped with an innovative and interactive solution to not only increase science understanding throughout the public, but to also provide tools scientists and industry leaders need to reach a global audience.

I'm looking for a programmer and front/backend developer to develop a working prototype. Think you can help?