Michael Bull

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Michael

I am a management consultant who has developed a powerful software tool.

My industry is the continuous improvement industry, focusing on manager and employee development. Most continuous improvement methods - such as Lean and Six Sigma - focus on perfecting processes, but most errors, mistakes or non-conformance are caused by people. I provide a solution to this need: getting managers and employees to conform to best practices, company standards, values, goals and objectives. This is the one last underserved areas of organizational development, for the want of an effective tool to manage it.

My software does just that and the potential for its use is vast. My typical people related defect reduction rate, driving performance towards conformance, is 80%.

Software design - done. Methodology tested and proven - Yes, across several functions and industries. $500,000 of initial startup funding - very close - I just need my co-founders!

For me to hand you a part of this at this stage you will need to bring to this opportunity some serious business development skills, your performance to date speaks for itself. You are looking to be part of something big, you are just waiting for that opportunity. You can be any age, black, white, male female, disabled or able bodied, you can live just about anywhere, it matters not because the critical issue is your ability to perform and most of these activities can be performed from home or office. I need drive. The ability to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

This role will include networking, cold calling, presenting to quality managers, VPs, CEO's and company presidents, leading and inspiring those around you - don't waste my time if your past career has not included all of these activities. I'd like some humility thrown in there too; you need to be teachable, follow instructions and demonstrate ambition and drive as well as to lead and provide innovation. To learn more contact me.


University of Wales, UK


1991 - 1991


Lean Six Sigma