Michael Carpenter

Seattle, Washington, US

Michael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Michael

I started Worldbop in 2012 to help solve systemic issues by building a social good crowdfunding platform that allows businesses and organizations to partner and achieve amazing things. It has been an incredible journey of learning, connecting, building and honing our model. While I have over 20 years of technical experience, and understand all facets of starting a company from scratch, the development of the site and services has been the biggest challenge. I have personally learned a ton about UI development, and have progressed into user experience and design. For years I developed business applications that were designed to be functional, but not web applications.

We have been speaking with organizations for over a year, and are about to launch a great new version of our site. We have a pretty amazing model now, and now I need to find someone that can be my right hand, provide ideas for product management, dive into development to build out new features, and help ensure we meet the needs of our early partners. Are you the right fit? I would love to meet and discuss what we do, where we're going, and how you can play a big part in helping millions through a ground-shaking new approach to community building and philanthropy!