Michael Davis

Melbourne, Australia

Founder @vertexdigital - Melbourne website design & development
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About Michael

Important: Sorry I won't be working as a developer for equity. I've received quite a few messages about this. It would be extremely rare to find someone who is willing to work just for equity who isn't an equal partner in the business and had invested in the idea originally.

I run a website design & development agency specialising in e-commerce and Wordpress based websites in Melbourne. I have been running the business for 3 years now and I'm starting to gain momentum in building up a client base.

Although my business specialises in general website development for clients around the world, I am open to either expanding this business or working on a new idea and growing that. I have a strong vision which allows me to take a concept and expand the possibilities, while evaluating the technical and growth challenges.

I have worked at some of the largest firms in the country as a Business Analyst, Project Manager and Developer. This has allowed me to gain the necessary technical and business skills to deliver a project end-to-end and see how an Enterprise operates. I am able to rapidly upscale or downscale development teams, sourcing some of the best developers from around the world.

In a co-founder, I am looking for someone who has the necessary sales and marketing skills to grow a business. I'm happy to leave the technical side to me as this is my speciality, but it's important that the person has a strong vision as well.

If you're open to either growing my existing business (over a dozen clients in the past year, potential to become one of the leading e-commerce agencies in Melbourne), or simply working on a new idea I'd love to chat!