Michael Fabing

Lima District, Peru

Blockchain enthusiast and software programmer with a master degree in computer science.
Michael's Skills
Product Management

About Michael

Michael Fabing is a Internet entrepreneur and a web developer that has held various positions as system administrator, web developer, product manager, system analyst and university teacher in places like Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.

I have started several Internet startup companies in Vietnam, New-Zealand and Canada. I excel in the field of web applications, from setting up databases (MySQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB) to backend development (PHP) and front-end development (CSS, JavaScript and Ajax) I uses best practice (lean, agile, behavior-driven development, SDLC, Waterfall) to build a web application.

Beside my technical knowledge, I am fluent in French, German and English.

As well, I used to be a Mathematic and Computer Science teacher in English and French at the University of Hanoi (Vietnam).