Michael Flynn

Maywood, California, US

Co Founder at Bootstrap Heroes
Michael's Skills
Product Management

About Michael

I've had a very wide experience skillset. My best ability is to quickly ascertain what needs to be done from end to end on a technology product and then be able to manage effectively the development of that product for real-world use. I can navigate the world of relationships and networking just as easily as tech, which is useful. I like balancing both, but I can go on 6 week intensive work sprints with no social time if I have to. (I just did, it was cool, and exhausting)

I've developed software in PHP/MySQL (and some nice HTML5 front-end as well) over the past two years to automate our conference business. This started as a result of my attending the Founder Institute, I realized that the real scalabile business that fit my mind was developing software, primarily as a service.

I've run Opportunity Green for the past five years as co-founder and learned a whole gamut of skills for intense project management to PR, marketing, design etc. Very broad trials by fire. This was an incredible business learning experience. I learned how challenging it is to have a product that is not an essential business requirement!

Prior I did interactive and web design. I've now subsequently become very technical and can push products forward extremely quickly, even on limited staff.

I work very well with teams, am hands off as much as makes sense (only possible when the team is good and well directed). I can deal with problems.

Oh, I was the CFO as well, so my bookkeeping skills are great. And I'm fairly knowledgable about financial reporting, tax and liability. These are clearly NOT my specialties, but I can communicate with the good professionals who are, for more effective (and less expensive) legal and financial strategizing.

Last but not least, I do have a keen sense for good UI design. I wouldn't be the one who makes the design, per se (although I can hack out a decent mockup) but I can talk design branding lingo and get a good designer to do his part, a good CSS / JS person to do his part, and make something cool quickly.

Work Experience


Sponsumo Inc.

August 2012 - December 2016