Michael Gardea

Burbank, California, US

Michael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Michael

I consider myself a passionate entrepreneur with a background in sales, marketing, business development and networking. I'm also a "blue sky" idea guy. I've developed a new social media business networking/referral marketing concept and have built out a first draft business model. I'm currently in the process of A/B testing a splash page and "getting out of the building" with customer development go gauge interest on the original idea.

I am a firm believer in employing Lean Startup methods and want to find co-founders that are on the same page. That includes:

-Business Model Canvas (Alexander Osterwalder)
-Startup Owners Manual (Steve Blank)
-Lean Startup / Agile Development (Eric Ries)

I'm attending SFV Startup Weekend on 1.18.13 to pitch my idea, recruit a team and build-out the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) prototype... that is, unless a team comes together here first.

Drop me a note if you're ready to work together on something that could have a huge impact on the business world.