Michael Gordon

Los Angeles, California, US

Michael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Michael

I am an ambitious, high energy entrepreneur with deep experience in sales, marketing, business development and finance.
Although I work in the technology field, I am not a technical person myself but do have a good network of founders and investors to draw on.
I have a fully cultivated idea that is ready to be put into action and that is where you might fit in.
I would like a co-founder that is not just able to build out this project but can anticipate future needs so that we can build something that is scalable. Hopefully you will have LAMP development skills and mobile app development would be a plus but if not it is something that can be outsourced.
I have funding for this project but am not opposed to someone joining without money if you are able to carry the development side.
I'm very flexible and hard working and only ask that you have similar work ethic and can carry the technical side while I work on the the business side.