Michael John Voccola

Providence, Rhode Island, US

Michael John's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Michael John

Seeking a co-founder with technical experience developing mobile apps for business applications. The project is a cloud-based business and asset management platform for the live event industry.

The project involves creating a universal iOS application that will be accessed by multiple people within an organization including those in finance, sales and warehouse roles. Inventory control is managed on an iOS device using a barcode scanner and will track inventory items out and back in to a warehouse. The system is cloud-based multi-tenant, multi-user.

Currently, I have a working prototype based on FileMaker Pro and a near-fully-functional application for iPhone which accesses the FileMaker database via PHP.

Immediate Goals:
- Feature parity between iOS and FileMaker Prototype
- Barcode printing from iOS using Zebra barcode printer API
- Document printing (including PDF) using AirPrint
- Implementation of CoreData to reduce server calls
- iPad UI (currently only have basic iPhone UI)
- General enhancements and improvements

Long-Term Goals:
- Replacement of FileMaker backend database with a more robust platform.
- Desktop web application

To complete this project, I am looking to partner with someone that has experience in the following areas:
- Simple, reusable user interface design and programming
- CoreData
- Swift programming language (iOS)
- Printing via iOS (or creating PDF's in PHP and snatching them to iOS)