Michael K

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Michael K 's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Michael K

Predominately, in the professional world I have functioned as a business manager, project director, and organizational/business consultant within the international development arena with my focus being in Africa both in terms of interest and field experience. I have worked in Australia, the UK, and throughout Africa.

This said, I have always had a burning desire to go all in on a disruptive idea or concept and build it out into a viable business that ideally has some tangible social impact, in addition to creating market value. I have a cadre of ideas that have been simmering in my head for some time that I feel could be both well monetized and scaled. My ideas don't have any technical or industry boundaries; I am genuinely energized by running with insights I obtain, and trying to counteract the unmet need or pain point within that insight, with a business concept. I have ideas for mostly tech driven business concepts in the US health insurance market, global philanthropic arena, DC based businesses in food service, public facilities management, and the art ecosystem.

I am at a ripe moment in my life where I can bootstrap a business generated from my own idea or someone else’s with the aim to transition it to a full-time job (and lifestyle). In terms of joining an existing team, my main criterion are that 1) I have to be passionate about the business concept (i.e. ‘buy’ its proof of concept), 2) the market potential is big; and 3) the team (or individual) is stimulating and painless to collaborate with.

I am eager to build.