Michael Kerwick

Austin, Texas, US

Michael's Skills
Product Management

About Michael

I am a mechanical engineer (MSME from UT Austin) with 30 years of professional experience. I am the proverbial "jack-of-all-trades" - highly skilled at complex 3D mechanical design and multidisciplinary systems design; but also pretty good at electronics design, circuit board design, and electrical system design. I have some experience with software and with optics design. I also have skills and experience in hands-on work - machining, system assembly, circuit assembly, etc.

I have consistently demonstrated an ability to think creatively and produce innovative technical solutions in multiple industries.

I am primarily interested in starting / joining a venture that is committed to doing something "good" for the world, or at least doing no harm, while also making money in the process. I would love to make a contribution to developing solar power, or to use my skills in automation / robotics, or really to be involved in anything that could make use of my mechanical design and multidisciplinary technical skills.

I have tended towards the entrepreneurial for my entire career. I founded and ran a company (not successful, but a great learning experience), have dabbled in starting a few others, and have worked at several start-ups. What I lacked in the past was a partner or partners that can compliment my abilities, join with me in a team of equals, and help drive to success. Like (probably) most people here, I have lots of ideas. Most of my ideas are bigger than me, and need refinement. I need help evaluating, refining, and developing ideas (mine or others) and translating them into a viable business.

I have recently taken a pause from my job to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities full-time. I am able to devote full-time effort to a venture. Ideally I am looking for others who can devote an equal amount of effort and who are willing to contribute equally to the formation of a new business.

So, I am here looking for that partner(s) who brings valuable skills that are complimentary to my own, who wants to form a highly functional business team, and who is ready to bring something great to life!