Michael Levinson

Toronto, Canada

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About Michael

I bring over 25 years’ experience in hotel management & operations and hotel/travel related web applications to my work in hospitality. In 1995, I pioneered several web-based applications with a focus on e-solutions for the hotel and travel sectors, and launched businesses to bring them to market. As President & CEO of Spyre Infostructure I oversaw the development of Bookdirect, a business-to-consumer (b2c) hotel reservations system. I then developed and launched CrewStay, a business-to-business (b2b) solution aimed at the aviation industry for managing hotel contracts and booking crew accommodations.

In defining and maintaining the creative, functional and entrepreneurial visions of these solutions, I honed my problem-solving skills and enhanced my knowledge of branding, e-commerce, business development, and creative & social media marketing, with a particular emphasis on understanding the limits and possibilities of Web application spaces. Although my work with Spyre Infostructure underlines my aptitude for defining business process, software design and development, I am well-positioned to carry my marketing, business development and business operations skills into in any sector.


Carleton University

Bachelor's of Arts

1986 - 1986