Michael Lewis

Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Michael's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Michael

Snappy Chow is an on demand multi restaurant delivery service. It provides busy people a quick and easy way to get meals from nearby restaurants.

Our team developed Snappy Chow to solve a common issue among busy working professionals and college students. Expanding variety of food delivery. Our goal is to establish an on demand food delivery service in every metropolitan city in the country.

Company Overview
Snappy Chow is a revolutionary on demand delivery service. We're changing the way people order food by offering a convenient, cashless, and stylish on demand app from your mobile phone.

We are looking for two more co founders to help us build our business. We are currently in the process of applying to the brandery accelerator for admission. If we are not accepted, we will continue to pitch for venture capital and angel investor funding. If interested, you can view our prototype website at www.snappychow.com and on www.facebook.com/snappychow.