Michael M

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Michael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Michael

ataata: Rethink Boring. We see ourselves as the YouTube for corporate training. Our vision is to "inspire people to care about boring - but important - stuff." We produce and curate super short videos, share the content through a social learning platform, and transform data from the platform into actionable information for our clients to reduce costs associated with employee disengagement and make better resource decisions.

You love to bring a BIG Vision into a product in a beautiful yet operational way. We are looking for a partner who has had experience designing, developing (full stack) implementing and maintaining the development of websites and web platforms and/or content management systems (CMS). Also understands the importance of the user experience. Experience with mobile and working with APIs is a strong plus (JSON in particular). It’s also important to have an appreciation for the sales side of the house – or at least willing to learn about the business side of the house and be able to bring the client perspective back into the product.

You are an Independent Thinker and Doer – with Integrity. As an executive in the company – honesty with one’s self and others, together with scrappiness and grit are absolute prerequisites. Starting with security awareness training, we are going to transform corporate America and the world – that requires diversity and clarity and honesty of thought.

So, you can convey complex ideas simply and easily – to investors, clients, partners, friends. And you are not afraid to tell your partners when you know you are right, you disagree, you’re not sure, you were wrong. You can do that in an effective and respectful way because:

You are wicked smart (at least others have told you so J). You know yourself, are generally comfortable with your strengths and weakness and have confidence and faith in yourself – but not arrogant/mean. Mean is a no go.

You Are an Optimist

You are generally an optimist because despite, and because of, all the vicissitudes of life – life is an awesome thing and this country we live in, with all its faults, affords us the opportunity to reach for and obtain our wildest dreams. This sounds cliché, we know, but we really believe this.

You live you in the DC Metro Region

You want to jump into a lean start-up with two partners who share a passion for transforming the mundane into the awesome.