Michael Menard

Boulder, Colorado, US

Michael's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Michael

I've been an avid lifelong technologist. I started coding and building electronics at an early age. However, my passion is about building great product experiences, great teams, with the technology as a tool for accomplishing the business' objectives.

For the last 20 years, I've worked in both technology and business leadership roles, helping companies grow significantly through development of innovative new products and by maximizing technology resources. These businesses have been in a wide range of segments with a diverse technology base, but IoT and mobile/web are the common theme. The products have often been industry firsts and win press and industry awards.

In addition to a technology background, I served on the executive management teams of four start-up businesses, playing a key role in their strategy and growth, and enabling me to bring some of those learnings to a new start-up endeavor. I've also worked in Fortune 100 and rapid growing medium sized businesses. This has given me broad set of skills and enables me to wear multiple hats when needed.

I'm look for co-founders with great ideas and great team skills who want to create an amazing business and have fun doing it. The industry is less important than the business concept. However, I with a background in both software and hardware, I continue to be bullish about products that can bring those two worlds together.